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Welcome to my website. It takes courage to look for help. Therapy is a gentle way to guide you back to the right path of working through your life challenges. As a Mental Health Counselor in Los Angeles, it will be my privilege to help you to overcome the difficulties that you're struggling with. Let me be the shelter for the storm and container of your trouble or sorrow so that you may find way back to your emotional wellbeing and joy in life.  I believe everyone regardless of age, race or sexual orientation deserves and has the potential to live a life of fullness to love and to be loved.  Please feel free to call me or email me if you are:


  • Feeling stuck, stressed, upset, depressed or hopeless
  • Wanting better communication and sexual satisfaction with your spouse or partner
  • Concerned and worried about your relationship at home, work or future
  • Going through an impending divorce and need some support or help to sort out your feelings and thoughts
  • Having trouble letting go of past traumatic or abusive experiences
  • Repeating old pattern of behavior that sabotages your present relationship with your spouse or partner
  • Dealing with rebellious and uncooperative teenagers
  •         Dealing with chronicle or terminal illness of someone you love
  • Having controlling or power struggle issues at home or work
  • Grieving the death of a loved one or loss
  • Hurting yourself physically (self-injury)

Finding the right therapist to meet your needs is an important decision.  I will give you a 30 minutes free consultation so that you can decide if you can feel safe and comfortable with me.  What you can expect from me are:


  • Respect who you are and your unique needs
  • A safe place to reveal your fears, doubts, dreams or fantasies without repercussions or judgments
  • Confidentiality of what is being shared in the session
  • Rediscover your own personal power and strength
  • Provision of ways to deal with anxiety, depression or any emotional difficulties that you are struggling with.

I integrate psychotherapy, Neuroscience with other healing methods such as EMDR, hypnotherapy or Eastern traditional Healing approaches to my work. My office is located in West Los Angeles at 6111 W. 75th Street.  It is on the borderline of Culver City and Westchaster. I speak both English and Chinese (Mandarin) and familiar with all Asian cultural practices and family traditions.  If you would like to know more about my credentials and background, please click on "About Me" section on this web site.



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