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About Me

      I was a teacher in an all girls' private high school for over 15 years.  Many students contacted me years after their graduation.  Some of them were able to achieve  their goal in their career but were, unhappy, confused and having problem in their personal lives and relating in an intimate relationship.  IThis confirmed me that emotional intelligence plays a major part in one's life happiness.  For that I decided to go back to the graduate school to study psychology and became a Marriage and Family Therapist. The following are my credentials, trainings and work experiences.

 My credentials as a Marriage and Family Therapist: 

  • Master of Art degree in Counseling Psychology and  Doctor of Psychology degree in Mind and Body Psychology.
  • Certified clinician of Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, and Trauma Model
  • Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor

 My work experiences:

  • I have been in private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 1995
  • From 1993 - 2010 I also worked as a Personal Counselor in a private girls high school helping students establish their own sense of identity, manage their emotions and working through their family and teen issues.
  • I was a teacher and the Director of Campus Ministry/Peer Ministry in a girls high school from 1981-1996.     
  • From 1973-1981, my husband and I were part of presenting team for the Marriage Encounter Weekend Retreat helping married couples who wanted to rekindle  their love in marriage with better communication.  
  • Since 1990 my husband and I have volunteered our service as presenters for a one day workshop for engaged couples in preparation for marriage and parenting classes for local Churches  and schools.     
A quote that best reflects my philosophy of life is:  "Within each and everyone of us, there is the unborn possibility of limitless living.  Mine is the privilege of giving birth to it......Unknown".